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Unlock the NEW YOU, with Fitness Key!

We believe the KEY to unlocking your full potential starts with an understanding of where you're at right now!

Let us show you that it's not WHAT YOU WEIGH that's important…
…it's HOW YOU WEIGH, WHAT YOU WEIGH that actually matters!

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Unlock YOUR Motivation

Whatever it is that drives you, we'll identify the good and the not-so-good aspects of your current structural health - helping you identify what really 'pulls at your fitness strings'

Inform YOUR Goals

With intelligent, educated and experienced interpretation - your scan results can help you decide exactly WHAT journey you're on... set tangible, realistic and informed goals- driven by objective data.

Define YOUR Focus

We know! You're wanting to "get fit and tone up"... but what does that really mean? With Fitness Key, you'll find your focus - specifically. Stop guessing and start ASSESSING today!

Our InBody 770 Premium Research-Grade Body Composition Analyser

The InBody 770 Simultaneous Direct Segmental BIA is the most ADVANCED and ACCURATE Bioelectrical Impedance Analyser in the WORLD...

Medically accurate, endorsed (and used daily) by the likes of NASA, many of the worlds top sporting teams, hospitals and research laboratories, allied health professionals and athletic development institutions... you can truly trust the results produced on the InBody 770.

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Alternative and even the seemingly similar scanning technology that is widely available, simply can't 'hold-a-candle' to the depth, breadth and accuracy of data we produce, and the service delivery and interpretation provided by Fitness Key is second-to-none.

Discover the DIFFERENCES we offer, by booking an appointment with Fitness Key TODAY!

We measure and monitor to following metrics (and more)

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Water & Cell Health

(all of it, in every way) - intracellular and extracellular volumes, distribution and ratios... to discover hydration status and management, inflammation, cell health, accurate lean tissue measurements, and more.

Analysing the body's composition with deep and broad analysis of fluids, validates and supports basically every other measurement we discuss... and the InBody 770 is the only model with a complete analysis of the bodies water.

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Protein, Minerals, Metabolism, Etc.

Metabolic Analysis - the most accurate basal metabolic rate, plus through clinical assessment we can help you estimate your total daily energy expenditure and hence requirements based on your goals.

Protein, minerals including bone minerals, circumference measurements, total scale weight and height, waist-hip ratio, fat-free-mass index and fat-mass index (intelligent separation of your BMI), and much much more.

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Fat Mass, Distribution & Percentage, and Visceral (Toxic) Fat

Fat Analysis - fat mass, distribution, and separation of the medically important visceral fat area - the only fat that causes disease in humans.

(oh and of course Body Fat Percentage - described here in brackets because you'll learn why it's basically an irrelevant metric for both measuring and monitoring fat status... but we know you're interested, so yes of course, we measure that too).

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Muscle & other Lean Tissues

Lean Analysis - total lean analysis, both soft and total fat-free mass, skeletal muscle mass including the distribution of muscle, so we can monitor not only how much muscle you're growing - but where you're growing it.

We will monitor how your metabolism is responding to changes in your lean tissue, and teach you how muscle mass is critically linked to long-term management of your health, including your fat mass.

Every Client Receives:

Your InBody 770 Scan
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2 Printed Results Sheets
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Our InBody App with your Scan Results and History
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Fitness Key's InBody 770 Interpretation Guide
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Fitness Key isn't just another 'body scanning service' - we're far more than that…

Fitness Key is a COMPOSITION COACHING service, providing the intelligent interpretation and education needed for you to succeed in your pursuit of better health through fitness, body recomposition and nutrition.

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  • account_circle
    … Without ur scans I wouldn’t be able to see the change in my health this year and continue to improve.
    Bashful Becca
  • account_circle
    … Steve was funny and approachable but completly transparent with the results.
    Kasey Skinner
  • account_circle
    … Truly life changing, cost should not be a consideration - do it.
    Richard Speight
  • account_circle
    … to go from 17.7% body fat to 13% in 5 weeks was a great outcome for me.
    Jarrad Tee
  • account_circle
    … It was exactly what I needed to kick my butt into gear! Very informative and great for tracking my overall progress.
    Nikki Burich
  • account_circle
    … I've had 3 body composition scans, but this was by far the most in depth one.
    Erin Waldon
  • account_circle
    … Steve has a lot of knowledge and with his assistance I have been able to shed over 15kg of fat whilst managing to increase my muscle mass.
    John Tsakalidis
  • account_circle
    … Steve was great! This scan was a lot more thorough than other scans I've had done before.
    Mikaela Di-Blasio
  • account_circle
    … Very friendly and professional! Had lots of time to sit down and explain everything to me. 10/10
    Emily Jayne
  • account_circle
    … if you are serious about your fitness or even just your health in general, book in a scan. You won't regret it.
    Mark Longworth
  • account_circle
    … Absolutely fantastic! The Inbody scanner is a great way to track my clients and my own progress to make sure we are on the right track to our goals! Steve offers great advise as well!
    Jaz Friedrichsen
  • account_circle
    … Thank you Steve for your professional analysis and advice. Thank you for putting everything in perspective!!!!
    Robert AN Dianne Cangialosi
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