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Introducing the remarkable ECAL Indirect Calorimeter

Learn about the technology we use to measure and monitor our clients metabolic health

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Get Scanned is proud to offer Indirect Calorimetry - the Gold Standard method for measuring and monitoring your metabolic health!

- What's your ACTUAL Resting Metabolic Rate?
- Is your metabolism Fast, Moderate or Slow?
- What ratio of Fat vs Carbohydrate do YOU burn?
- How efficiently do you utilise oxygen to produce energy?
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The ECAL Energy Testing System is registered as a medical device within Europe and Australia (CE and TGA).

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Indirect Calorimetry refers to the process of measuring human metabolism. The ECAL Energy Testing System provides information that includes:
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- Metabolic Profiling, including daily energy requirement at rest in calories
- Is your metabolism fast, normal or slow?

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- Respiratory Quotient: the ratios in which this energy is being produced (from fat or carbohydrate)
- Smarter Macronutrient Ratios

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- Mitochondrial Efficiency: the efficiency with which cells use oxygen for energy production.
- Improvement over time increases oxygen utilisation to improve ATP energy production.

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- And most importantly, presents this information in an easy to understand way, so that you and/or your health care practitioner can make more informed decisions about your nutritional requirements.

What to expect at your appointment: How is an ECAL test performed?

ECAL Measures your RESTING Metabolism.

Get Scanned uses the ECAL Metabolic Monitor - an Australian designed indirect calorimeter that is considered the gold-standard, practical method for measuring metabolism. ECAL is scientifically validated for measuring resting energy production and the data gleaned can assist in designing programs and lifestyles to correct and improve metabolic imbalances.

You will begin the test by sitting still and in a relaxed, reclined position. We will ask you to initially spend a few minutes settling your breaths and practicing breathing into a mouthpiece. When we start the test, we will connect gas sampling lines / tubing to the mouthpiece and the ECAL machine. We also use a soft and comfortable nose clip to ensure all inhaled and expired air is being measured through the mouthpiece.

We will analyse in real-time, each breath throughout the 5-8 minute test to ensure accuracy, and our ECAL machine and software will measure the inspired air/oxygen and compare this to the exhaled air/carbon dioxide. These measurements (and others), allow the ECAL to assess your energy production, mitochondrial efficiency and ratios of fat and carbohydrate utilisation.

Following your test, we will explain the printed report, give you some general / broad advice, and if required or desired prepare a referral for you to take to a dietitian, nutritionist or your medical professional for specific prescriptions.

These videos demonstrate the ECAL Energy Testing System, and explain some of the benefits of actually measuring your metabolism.