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Introducing the remarkable InBody 770

Learn about the technology we use to measure and monitor our clients constitutional health

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Is Your Diet & Exercise Program Working for YOU?

It's never been this easy to measure and monitor the composition of your body...

Let us show you that it's not WHAT YOU WEIGH that's important…
…it's HOW YOU WEIGH, WHAT YOU WEIGH that actually matters!

Research-Grade Analysis

By utilising our Research-Grade Medically Approved InBody 770 Composition Analyser,
we accurately measure and track the health of thousands of Victorians. We've been doing this since 2014 and have extensive experience in accurate scanning, intelligent interpretation and insightful education.
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Our accurate, non-invasive Body Composition Analysis effectively replaces:

- Confusing weight scales
- Inconsistent tape measures
- Uncomfortable and invasive fat-pinch tests (calliper estimations)
- Misleading and irrelevant BMI calculations

… and other similarly subjective and approximate methods.

We do this in just a few minutes, then provide you with an incredibly detailed and informative set of objective data, on which you can base your approach to training, nutrition and lifestyle.

Our service allows you to set realistic goals and to monitor your achievements precisely and consistently.

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Get Scanned is proud to be an InBody Certified Operator, and one of the rare few to use the Research-Grade InBody 770 to ensure the very best experience for you!
In simple terms, the human body is comprised of water, fat, proteins, and minerals. Most of us are primarily interested in how much fat we have, and how much muscle we have - These factors approximately indicate the physical health of an individual, but with the fantastic new technologies we have available today, many of us are seeking a deeper understanding of ‘what lies beneath’…
Body Composition Analysis refers to the process of measuring the many different components of a person’s body - and most importantly, discussing the health implications of what can be learnt about what you’re ‘made of’. At Get Scanned, we use the worlds most advanced Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) scanning equipment, that allows us to provide our clients with Incredibly accurate, absolutely repeatable, affordable, non-invasive, quick and easy Body Composition Analysis
Comprehensive Measurements, In-Depth Results Our InBody 770 is a Research-Grade, Medically Approved model in the InBody range of BIA devices… check out the video below to see the 770 along side its less advanced sibling (the 570), at the recent 2015 American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Annual Meeting!

The InBody770 provides detailed analysis on less than a minute.

Printing two full results sheets on body composition and body water, the device uses patented Simultaneous Multi-Frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (SMF-BIA) to take a snapshot of your inner health.

With its groundbreaking technology, the InBody770 proves itself to be one of the highest grade of body composition devices.


  • Comprehensive BIA values
  • Data history and trending directly on result sheets
  • Reactance and phase angle measurements provided
  • 6-frequency Simultaneous Multi-Frequency-BIA

  • Weight
  • Lean Body Mass
  • Body Fat Mass
  • Skeletal Muscle Mass
  • Dry Lean Mass
  • Body Mass Index
  • Percentage Body Fat
  • Intracellular Water
  • Extracellular Water
  • ECW/TBW Ratio
  • Segmental Lean Analysis
  • Segmental Fat Analysis
  • Visceral Fat Area
  • Body Fat-Lean Body Mass Control
  • Basal Metabolic Rate
  • Body Composition History
  • Impedance at each segment/frequency
  • Phase Angle (Whole Body & Segmental)
  • Reactance

Visualise Your Progress

The two InBody770 results sheets provide a comprehensive, easy-to-read assessment of body composition and body water.

Detailed graphs and recommended ranges clearly illustrate patients’ results, progress and targets.

This video details the evolution of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis and how InBody have pioneered the technology to produce the most accurate results in the industry.