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You Come to Us, or We Come to You!

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Visit one of our regular clinic locations all over Greater Melbourne, plus several Regional Victorian Locations


  1. View our Calendar/Agenda List to find an upcoming clinic that suits you
  2. Click/Tap the event to view information and options
  3. Click/Tap the link 'BOOK AN APPOINTMENT by clicking HERE', to open that locations booking page
  4. Make your appointment!

(If none of the scheduled clinics are suitable, close this pop up window and find the tab titled REQUEST THE SCAN-VAN, to organise a visit to you at your home, workplace or other agreed location)

The 'Scan Van' is able to visit YOUR LOCATION…

at your home, workplace, school, bootcamp or other outdoor fitness group, gym or fitness facility, or just about any location you need!

This service is only available when we're not visiting one of the fixed locations already available on our schedule…


  • Individual Appointment = $60
  • 2-5 Scans = $50 each
  • 6+ Scans = $40 each
  • Fitness Business or Corporate Health group assessments and education, such as 'Challenge Scans' or similar = quotes on a case-by-case basis

* Additional call-out fees may be applicable on a case by case basis. See full details below.

A call-out fee may be applied IN ADDITION to the regular appointment price, for travel beyond the first 5km allowance (from our origin on the day).

Fitness Key charges on a case-by-case basis, at an approximate rate of $1.00 per km travelled.

As distance travelled varies, based on the origin and destination of each trip, our call-out fee varies accordingly.

Call-Out Fees will be added to the Appointment Fee at the time that we CONFIRM the appointment, based on information provided in REQUEST.

We recommend viewing our calendar of fixed clinics, and when possible, request appointments close in proximity and time, to a location we are already servicing.

*** If estimating likely costs: Mill Park, Vic 3082 (our home clinic), or a scheduled clinic is the likely point of origin.