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What does it take to grow muscle? The 'Hypertrophy Triangle' - a simple analogy for a complex question!

Since 2014, we’ve educated many thousands of clients and have measured almost every variation in body type and shape, heritage, etc.  If there is ONE consistent ‘need’, that we could single out amongst almost all of the individuals we meet, ...

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Fat Free Mass (FFM), is one metric I find myself talking about a lot in my line of work... it's an important number to measure and to understand - put simply, this is why:

As the term suggests, FFM is the collection of tissues in our body that is not fat. It consists of our internal organs, the muscles and connective tissue such as tendons ...

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Blog Introduction

Welcome to our Blog!

Our Mission is to effect positive change in the communities we service, through education, motivation and the application of objective assessments to health coaching.

We firmly believe that health-care starts with prevention through better general health.

The purpose of this blog is to update and educate ...