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InBody Scan Preparation & Medical Advice

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PREPARATION: Follow these simple steps to ensure you're getting the most accurate scan each timeā€¦

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Do not eat/drink large volumes in the 2 hours preceding your appointment.

Doing so can temporarily effect scan results due to fluctuations in fluid location / ratio and hence impedance detected.

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Do not exercise in the 2 hours preceding your appointment.

Avoid Saunas or Hot Showers immediately before scanning.

Fluid status is an important factor for scan accuracy and consistency and can be effected by your activity immediately preceding the scan.

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Wear minimal comfortable clothing (such as basic gym-gear)

Avoid wearing clothes with lots of zippers or other metal that is in contact with the skin. Substantial jewellery should be removed for the scan. Rings are acceptable and will not effect results.

Contraindication to scanning with Bioelectrical Impedance Analysers…

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Pacemaker or similar Electronic Implanted Device?

The InBody 770 uses multiple frequencies of extremely low (undetectable) currents of electricity. The scan is non-invasive and harmless, however individuals with a pacemaker or similar medical implantable device should not be scanned. If you have one of these devices, please contact us to discuss.

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Although safe, we generally do not not recommend scanning pregnant women, as the scan's accuracy may be progressively effected (due to changes in the body's chemistry and water content), throughout the pregnancy. Please discuss this with us prior to making your appointment(s), if you are pregnant. Written medical clearance/advice will be required if you wish to monitor your body composition during a pregnancy.