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Pricing Information for Single Appointments or our Heavily Discounted Multi-Packs

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These prices refer to our 'you come to us' service, available at any of our many Greater Melbourne and Regional Victorian host-businesses. Prices differ for our 'we come to you' service.

InBody 770 Scans

Book an individual scan, or pre-purchase 3 credits to save 23%

Single Appointments:

Individual InBody 770 Scan & Education

Discounted 4-PACK:

4 Pre-Paid Credits @ 25% OFF

ECAL Energy Testing System

Book an ECAL test seperately, or add a dicounted InBody scan.

ECAL Only:

ECAL Measurement Only (No InBody Scan Included)

ECAL & InBody:

ECAL Measurement PLUS Discounted InBody Scan