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Fitness Key's Privacy Statement

We value your privacy

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How do we use your information?

Your privacy is important to us!

We NEVER share your information without your consent.

We NEVER discuss your results or medical information with anybody without your consent, however If you are attending your scan as part of a fitness 'challenge' or similar measured period of training or other activity through your fitness service provider, employer, education facility or as part of a corporate / staff health program or similar, your consent to share results with relevant party(s) is assumed unless specifically denied. Please communicate with us if you do not wish for your results to be made available to these persons. Any use of your results as part of an aggregate of data shared for promotional purposes or for statistical analysis will be shared in a de-identified manner, or specific case by case consent will be sought prior.

We value your privacy and adhere to international and domestic privacy law in all circumstances. Thank you for your trust, and your custom!

Our mailing lists are maintained and housed with Brevo and Acuity Scheduling - when making an appointment with Get Scanned, you are automatically subscribed to our master contact list, and you may also be subscribed to reminder and special offer emails specific to the location at which you accessed our services. Your information will never be shared or sold to a third party but rather used exclusively for communications necessary for your relationship with Get Scanned - you may unsubscribe at any time by clicking the links at the bottom of each email we send, but we hope you stay and recommend requesting updates to your subscription preferences rather than unsubscribing all together.