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Scan Inclusions & Services Offered

What's included for all clients, plus in what settings & formats we conveniently offer our Mobile Service

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What's Included?

Get Scanned isn't just another 'body scanning' service...
Unlike so many 'similar' sounding options out there, Get Scanned is an EDUCATION & COACHING service, that always strives to ensure our clients understand their scan results - providing the intelligent Interpretation and advice needed for you to succeed in your pursuit of better health through fitness, body recomposition and nutrition.
All customers, regardless of the particulalr service format they attend (individual, small group, seminar, other), will recieve the same great service and support:

…on the world's most advanced BIA body scanner - the InBody 770

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…explained thoroughly, in a detailed Interpretation & Education Session

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…with your scan results and history synced instantly with each new scan

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…Fitness Key's comprehensive and informative Interpretation Guide

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Settings / Formats for our Mobile Clinics

The Scan-Van is available to visit your home, workplace, school, bootcamp or other outdoor fitness group, gym or fitness facility, or just about any location you need!

… just about any Gym, Group Fitness or PT Studio, Dojo, Box or Bootcamp with appropriate parking for The Scan-Van, can host Get Scanned to service their members and locals (non-members always welcome at all clinics)

We can deliver our services on any scale - no matter how large or small your facility is, our service is second to none!

Our mobile service will help YOU grow

• Introduce you to new clients
• WOW your existing members - RETENTION!
• A fantastic tool for challenges
• The most professional method for new assessments prior to programming or at program reviews
• Track your clients results with medically accurate equipment that provides far more detail than traditional methodology - with absolute accuracy and incredible repeatability

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We love working with other Personal Trainers and coaches!

• Gain regular access to the single best non-invasive scanning technology on the planet, delivered and managed by experts in scanning, interpretation and the advice that will keep YOUR clients motivated, driven and focussed
• Track your clients results with medically accurate equipment that provides far more detail than traditional methodology - with absolute accuracy and incredible repeatability
• Sell more services - there’s nothing more motivating that the InBody test! Our focus is always to encourage more activity - this translated to increased retention and opportunities for you - their trainer

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Fitness Key Body Comp can come to you to measure and monitor the health and fitness of your personnel

• Many studies show that a healthy workforce delivers increased productivity and lower sick leave liability
• Motivated staff will choose healthier lifestyles after learning about their composition - this will translate to a happier and healthier employee
• Reward your staff with a fascinating and valuable experience thats shows them how much their employer cares for their wellbeing!

A fantastic component at corporate team building and bonding retreats and conferences!

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Access the worlds best methodology to monitor your teams body composition!

• Entry / Drafting requirements
• Pre Season scanning clinics
• Mid Season progress scans
• Monitor muscle imbalances and identify focus areas to ensure you’re getting the most out of your players!
• Monitor injury rehabilitation - precisely measure returning muscle mass post injury-associated atrophy.

Many professional sporting teams around the world now use InBody technology to track and monitor their players composition

Image Showing Various Sporting Team Types Represented By Player Uniforms

or just about any convenient location with appropriate parking for our Scan-Van (or even 'almost-appropriate' - we will always do our best to squeeze in and usually only require about 2 standard car spaces).

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