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Introcuding Steve Burden

Owner & Head Analyst at Fitness Key

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Meet Steve - Owner and Body Composition Analyst

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Passionate about improving awareness of healthy body composition and it's impact on overall quality of life, Steve is a Health Coach, applying the use of Medical-Grade technology to the Fitness industry and the general public.

Steve is a Registered Nurse with 13 years experience in General, Education, Research & Consulting roles.

Additionally, he has over 12 years experience in the Fitness Industry, and has delivered approximately 13,000 Personal Training sessions to individuals and groups, while he owned and ran several fitness businesses.

In 2014, shifting his focus to Health Analysis and Coaching, Steve’s extensive knowledge of the human body, talented communication style and genuine motivation for 'prevention over cure' is now brought to his role as Head Coach for Fitness Key Body Composition Analysis.

Steve's background, combined with now well over 20,000 Body Composition Analysis and Coaching sessions, makes him uniquely qualified and experienced to deliver a service that is truly second to none.